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How to get status order width Api

![](https://files.readme.io/9baa626-image.png) I have created an order and canceled it but when I send a request via the api I get a status of Success. How to get status is canceled ![](https://files.readme.io/1ddb657-image.png)

How to change status order in vinoshipper dashboard or with API

Hi, I have made these order with API request ![](https://files.readme.io/4b64f48-image.png) and Can you help me how to change status order to "Shipped" or "Deliveried" ![](https://files.readme.io/e6fbb58-image.png) Thanks,

Not Find SKU in get product information

![](https://files.readme.io/501b197-image.png) I need to retrieve SKU column information in API to get the product list, and why such important information is not retrieved? Can you help me with this?

Can not complete status of order

Hi, When i use developer endpoint API to create order, my json: { "customer": { "address": { "street1": "Legacy Dr", "city": "Anchorage", "postalCode": "99516", "stateCode": "AK" }, "dateOfBirth": { "day": 12, "month": 9, "year": 1997 }, "email": "[email protected]", "firstName": "Nguyen", "lastName": "Binh" }, "shipToAddress": { "country": "US", "linkedAddress": { "country": "US" }, "street1": "Legacy Dr", "city": "Anchorage", "postalCode": "99516", "stateCode": "AK", "phoneNumber": "(907) 868-3634" }, "products": [ { "productId": "108083", "quantity": 1 } ], "shippingRate": { "carrier": "UPS", "rateCode": "03" }, "paid": true, "productIdType": "VS_ID" } ![](https://files.readme.io/5eab840-image.png) and not get any errors with responses, but status order still pending. Can you help me with the question? Thank you