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Website online payment via API?

We plan to integrate the complete ecommerce user experience within our website with Vinoshipper using Vinishipper API. We have checked out the API documentation and found methods for most of the required use cases. Although, we are not sure whether online payment (using Stripe or PayPal) can be implemented using the Vinoshipper API. Is it possible? If so, any reference to the API methods that should be used would be appreciated.

[API] Get more details when calling the Filter and List Customers endpoint

Can we get more customer details when calling the Filter and List Customers (<https://vinoshipper.com/api/v3/p/customers/list>) We're looking for information like: shippingAddress, lifeTimeValue, skus purchased in the past.

Club Registration Styling

How can we lightly style the Club Registration in V4? We're migrating over from V3 and there seems to be less flexibility to customize what was already customized. We just want to inherit fonts, colors, and backgrounds. The styling code in the developer docs look incomplete, where would I reference those styling?

Cart Icon (SVG Color)

How can we change the color of this medium gray Cart Icon that sticks to the right side of the UI.

Club Registration variables not working or incomplete

Just for a little context I'm trying to style all variables on a custom black background, and things have been pretty troublesome. I've noticed a few inconsistencies listed below: There's a few variables that don't seem to be working: \--bs-btn-font-family // not working --bs-btn-font-weight // not working --bs-form-select-bg-img // not working --bs-form-switch-bg // not working --vs-embed-link-primary // not working --vs-radio-checked-bg-color // not working --vs-radio-checked-border-color // not working --vs-radio-selected-bg // not working --vs-radio-border-color // not working There's a few properties that need support: // .link-primary:hover, .link-primary:focus { color } // need variable for this // .vs-radio label {border-radius} // need variable for this // .vs-radio input[type=radio]\:checked+label:before {background-image} // need variable for this // .text-bg-warning {color} // need variable for this I'm not sure if it's possible to style the Credit Card field, but I would need the text to populate as white instead of black. Also, it would be nice if buttons have all the same styling options as the pop-out cart, right now I'm only able to edit the colors... // padding: ; // font-family: ; // font-size: ; // font-weight: ; // line-height: ; // letter-spacing: ; // text-transform: ; // text-decoration: ;

Add urlSlug to product feed

Can you add urlSlug as part of the response when using the <https://vinoshipper.com/api/v3/feeds/vs/{producerId}/products> endpoint?

Discount Codes

Is there any plan to implement an endpoint for adding / updating discount codes? Not adding to an order, but adding new codes. We have a system that manages codes for affiliates and we want to keep that synchronized.

How to change status order in vinoshipper dashboard or with API

Hi, I have made these order with API request ![](https://files.readme.io/4b64f48-image.png) and Can you help me how to change status order to "Shipped" or "Deliveried" ![](https://files.readme.io/e6fbb58-image.png) Thanks,